Our Services

We have provided services across the Insurance spectrum including Risk Management Insurance broking and reinsurance intermediation to local and multinational firms operating in all sectors of the economy. We have carved a niche in the insurance market as a growing company that is dedicated to achieving superior results to the satisfaction of our clients. Some of the services offered are stated below:


This involves a complete survey of your operation and/or activities with a view to identifying the various potentials sources of losses surrounding you and your business, eventually a lasting solution will be recommended in the form of prevention, elimination, or transfer of the risks so identified.


Our team’s goal is to ensure we do all we can to help your business. We would rather have a client say “no” to a proposed type of coverage then later say it was never mentioned at all.

Another unique aspect of our commercial insurance team is its pro-active approach to not only identifying, but also mitigating, potential risks and sources of loss. Our team, working with your managers, can call upon the resources of a wide range of technical experts to help avoid anything from environmental hazards to unsafe fleet operations.


We will recommend necessary and required insurance covers and place them in a professional manner for you to have the widest cover possible and at a reasonable and competitive premium cost. This will be placed with trusted and tested insurance companies.


Loss of asset or use thereof, due to confiscation, expropriation, Nationalisation and or requisition caused by the actions of government or local authorities in countries which you trade.  i.e once your goods are seized by the government and the goods was insured. It becomes our responsibility to do the needful so as to deliver the goods to the clients.


We design in conjunction with reputable insurance companies, comprehensively packaged insurance policies in accordance with the specific needs of our clients. Example of this is the industrial all risks cover which provides a single policy of all the insurance needs of an industry where it is profitable.


We manage self-administered staff provident funds and employees benefit scheme as a welfare package for our client’s employees. Separate proposal on this will be provided for your kind consideration.


We keep all your insurance and risk related records. We also explain and analyze in an easy way to understand language the various terms, words, provisions, conditions and other numerous small prints in the insurance policy document.


At frequent intervals, we review our client’s covers to ensure an adequate Risk/insurance portfolio in line with the state of the economy at all times.


We are personally involved in the processing, documentation and negotiation of our clients claims to ensure speedy and equitable claims settlement without any difficulty.


We are available for you in case of any form of crisis. We will give you advice on the best way to handle the crisis and you will receive our full support from the beginning to the end


We take pride in caring for our customers! We value the relationships we have built with our clients and insurance companies. Underlying these strong bonds is our commitment to professionalism. As proof, we only have to look at the many client referrals we receive – likely, the best compliment for any business

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